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It has been a busy few days in SSG and here on our website.First, we reacted to Cordovans first announcement to the mistake that has happened.Elves and men also got new running and walking animations.The one I'm not sure about is the running animation of female Elves.In 1983, on orders from the president, computer engineers within the Post, Telegraph & Telephone (PTT) ministry began to roll out throughout France a telematics system that came to be known as Minitel.Your soul mate could literally live three blocks from your house, but because you both live separate lives and have different schedules, you may never meet in real life.

And the notes on what’s being fixed are as follows: This update...You can chat safely from behind your screen and go at your own pace.With any luck we'll hit it off and have some fun on a regular basis but I'm not adverse to a one shot deal every now and again.They tip-toe and bounce a lot (you notice this best when looking at your character from the side).I get what the developers were going for, but it looks a bit odd.

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