Updating a kitchen on a budget

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Since we bought only exactly what we needed, I had to make do.Some careful application of Poly-Filla, sanding and, ultimately, paint will mean that many of your mistakes will look just fine when you are done. I had to drill out a hole for wiring and then was able to mount the new fixture directly on the MDF without needing an electrical box. They have an all-you-can-build light fixture buffet where you choose the style of base from a selection of about a dozen.But, we couldn't find anything new that gave us the storage we needed.We didn't want to scrap the whole cabinet for a smaller one.Similar to shown: Merola Tile Augusta 4-inch tile, about per square foot; Rather than replace an old cast-iron claw-foot tub and sink, save a bundle by reglazing them instead.A pair of fixtures can cost upward of ,000, compared with about 0 for having both reglazed by a professional. Give worn wood floors new life by brushing boards with glossy porch paint tinted to match your bath's color scheme.Here, the medicine cabinet's silvery frame is echoed by the decorative metal outlet covers.Similar to shown: Kohler 20-inch Recessed Medicine Cabinet, about 8, and Betsy Fields Design Brushed Satin Pewter standard wall plates, about each; An alternative to a stone slab, a tiled counter resists water but costs a lot less and is easy for DIYers to install.

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Next, we bulked up the sides and bottom of the Cabinet with MDF and extended it on top, boxing it in.This terra-cotta top has white-painted wood edging to go with the vanity below.A bead of clear caulk keeps water away from the wood.Then you choose from about twenty different glass shades. We then left it mirrorless for 3 weeks to cure while we went on vacation.(With all this choice we are surprised Robin got back from her shopping trip within her lunch hour. Letting the paint cure is always a good idea, so it sets up really well.

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