The vampire diaries s5e18 online dating

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Jeremy is forced to tell Damon the truth about Bonnie.

When Elena finally convinces Stefan to restrain himself, he tries to kiss her but she rejects him, citing her relationship with Damon, making him jealous and hungry.

Qetsiyah reveals that she was originally to marry Silas and made the spell for him, when he betrayed her to take the immortality spell with the woman he really loved, Qetsiyah's handmaiden, Amara, she created the cure and killed Amara.

Qetsiyah continues to divulge her plans of destroying Silas by using Stefan to make him weaker.

While Elena tries to help Stefan remember how they met and their past, Matt looks for help from Jeremy regarding his missing blocks of time and unusual circumstances upon waking up.

Matt gets upset about Bonnie's lack of response to the people that need her, causing Jeremy to leave quickly.

With her relationship with Damon still intact, Elena begins her freshman year of college with Caroline at Whitmore College, excited about the chance to have a normal human experience, but their good time ends badly when their roommate is brutally murdered by what seems to be another vampire.

Damon is left to take care of Jeremy, who has trouble adjusting back into school after telling everyone he faked his own death. Bonnie, still dead doesn't want anyone to know that she is dead and has Jeremy masquerade as her.

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Caroline is able to get Stefan under control and he trusts her.Jeremy and Matt go on the run with Katherine with Silas on their tail.Caroline bonds with Jesse over their bad relationships.When Stefan awakes following Qetsiyah's spell, he is suffering from amnesia.When Damon tries to remind Stefan about him and his past, Stefan has a problem with restraining.

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