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However, S-13 was credited with the single greatest disaster in maritime history: the 1945 sinking of the German liner "Wilhelm Gustloff," engaged in an effort to get German soldiers out of the path of the advancing Red Army.

There may have been more than 8,000 troops and civilians aboard; fewer than 1,000 were rescued.

GERMANY U-boats claimed 14.4 million tons, but Germany lost 821 U-boats.

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In March, 1944, a U-boat commander, on his first combat mission, ordered his crew to kill all survivors of "Peleos" and try to pulverize all floating wreckage with hand-grenades.

When "Regulus" was overtaken by later developments, the hangar became a compartment for clandestine amphibious assault troops. The successful hull-form was applied to the last class of U. diesel boats, "Barbel," 1959, (shown here) and to the "Skipjack" nuclear class, 1959.

Testing completed, "Albacore" was retired to a public park near Portsmouth, NH -- towed in along a ditch dug for the purpose, which was then filled in.

Captain Rickover was a submariner and an engineer, with a passion for safety and an obsession for control.

He was brilliant, and difficult and made nuclear power a reality, not just in submarines, but in many major surface warships as well.

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