Speed dating for teachers

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Of course, you’d also be dead pretty much instantly as you collided with object after object (each traveling at the speed of light with respect to you). The answer is that you would have no time to actually do the throwing, because from your perspective you would run into me instantly.

In particular, if you are on a straight race track, and traveling at the speed of light, the race track will be compressed to zero length so that the starting line and the finishing line will be on top of each other. Another consequence of light speed travel is that you’d become the most dangerous thing imaginable (move over, Chuck).The problem that I’m having thinking about this is that if the tennis ball did hit you first, then it would have been moving faster than the speed of light (relative to you).On the other hand, if it were moving at the speed of light relative to you, then it was moving at the same speed as me relative to you, thus both myself and the tennis ball will hit you simultaneously.If I’m moving at the speed of light towards you and I throw a tennis ball at you (at, say, 5 m/s), what do you observe?Will I hit you first, the tennis ball, or both at the same time, or will something else happen entirely?

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