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Since it is age-appropriate, parents of young teenagers don't need to keep a check on their kids constantly.

The game is so full of fun that you may wish to play it again and again. It is about a girl (player), who moves to her new high school, and meets many new people.

Considering this is the only otome game I've come across, I think we should just be thankful to the developers for taking the time to bring this game to the platform. I genuinely love the game but please don't do this to us.

I really like this game even its animation and the characters.

What i don't like is that everday when we log in we only get 10 APs and frankly when i saw the walkthroughs on You Tube I thought that you're gonna need more than 10 APs everyday.

Other than that the game is great but it would be better to give more APs so we can enjoy this game more I would love to give 5 stars but you cant keep on giving us 10 AP and 15$ per day.

[How to play] Register and play My Candy Love for free!

My Candy Love is built around a set of dialogue-based episodes.

In each episode, you can flirt with the boy you like the most in hopes of going on a date at the end of the episode.

If you miss out on the date with the guy you like, don’t worry, because you can always use a ‘Replay’ to try again!

[Game Category] Otome game, dating game, love game, game for girls, girls game, game for teens, flirting game, love story, avatar game, personalized avatar.

[Support]: In case of a problem, please contact the support team at [email protected] You can also contact us through the My Candy Love website: be sure to include your username, what device you are using and a precise description of your problem.

Thank I really really like this game its one of my favorite games! But the only reason I gave 3 stars except for 5 is because you only get 10 energy everyday to do things in the game and you hardly get to play at all..

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