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Cuprinde cele mai importante directoare pentru website-uri romanesti.

Fiecarui director ii sunt precizate detalii precum page rank, alexa rank, backlinks etc.

Smart businesses have a business continuity plan in place – one that wasn’t established on the back of poor disaster recovery testing choices, hopefully.

That’s great if you have your own meticulously tested plan in place, but does yours assume you’ll somehow have access to the internet?

We could continue on like this, asking about how you’d do virtually everything else your business does without the internet, but you probably understand what we’re getting at here. Is your business at all prepared for such a happening? While a complete internet failure is probably the top thing that could bring any business to a grinding halt, almost none are ready for it, reports Computer Weekly.

Lack of Precedent Think long and hard for a second back to the last time when this happened. On the other hand, you likely have, at minimum, one backup electrical supply in place.

catalanii nu se lasă și cer tot mai insistent independența față de spania.

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It’s great to have your data, website and/or applications in the cloud, but if you’re not backing up everything that is mission-critical, you’re making a mistake.“Organizations need to take an afternoon for a brainstorming session on all the things they would need if the internet were to fail for any significant amount of time,” said Bonner.“They then need to ensure that they have these things put aside somewhere safely so that they have everything they need to carry should an internet failure occur.” One last bit of advice: screen captures. You’re using the internet, just like you and your business do every single other day. In fact, you’ve likely experienced it at least a few times. Going Offline Speaking with that publication, consultancy firm KPMG’s Stephen Bonner floated the idea of a complete internet meltdown happening at some point within the next five years.Whether you’re sending an email, updating your Facebook page, binge-watching a show on Netflix or any of a zillion other options, you’re using the internet nearly all of the time. That’s a lot of time for your employees to be sending emails over their smartphones in between time spent checking their Twitter feeds and watching cat videos on You Tube. And although a technical problem could bring it all crashing down, he believes it’s more likely that such an event would be caused by a human error. “Although there are vulnerabilities in the internet that malicious actors could exploit to cause a total outage, nobody would benefit, therefore it is unlikely to be the result of a deliberate act,” he noted.

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