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The three of us have been playing together for over 10 years, so there's a tight-knit friendship, and musically, we speak the same language.This is our first project as a three-piece over the last 10 years — we've had different members in the band, but it's always the three of us at the core.But I think it's something to root for, because they're two characters who are very strong-willed and relatively stubborn at times, and yet they both seem to have found the best in each other.It'll be interesting to see how that plays out.PHOTOS Broadcast TV's Returning Shows 2014-15 Having everyone play some of their original music was a great part of it because, for the most part, we're all songwriters.Chip will show me songs he's working on, and we'll see each other perform at the Opry or go see Clare and Sam, and it's inspiring to see what they're doing.I identify with the emotional reality of what it means to be a songwriter and put yourself out there, day in and day out, and give yourself to what you're creating.I understand that struggle, and the commitment it takes to be an artist.

I certainly learn things from the scripts, but I haven't walked through those experiences.

But we're similar lyrically, and in purpose of music, which for us at Enation to go deep and move people and change lives, like R. Well, it is [dramatized] but it's focused on being authentic.

We've had so many Nashville artists and industry people tell us how accurate the show is in portraying those things, which is a huge compliment to what we're trying to do.

In terms of touring, we love playing live, so even while the show is filming, we'll fly to places on weekends.

We're planning a tour in spring, when season three ends. A lot of people seem to be rooting for Avery and Juliette — season two ended in a difficult place in their relationship.

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