He is an intimidating man

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recruited Peter Parker at his Queens apartment and his arrival at the airport in Berlin in .

It’s a hilarious home video sequence where we really get to see Peter Parker’s teenage side, his excitement barely contained as he travels to Berlin, gets a new Spider-Man suit, and can’t stop bugging his handler Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau).

Tom Holland is fantastic in his turn as this new Spider-Man.

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It stands out from the rest of the adaptations, including the more favored original iteration directed by Sam Raimi and portrayed by Tobey Maguire, simply because it introduces a dynamic that has been lacking from the Spider-Man franchises thus far.

It’s the driving force for Peter Parker throughout the entire film, and it’s also the catalyst for a new kind of origin story for Spidey.

Don’t worry, we don’t see the famous spider bite again, there’s no flashback to a pep talk from Uncle Ben.

Michael Keaton brings a subtle ferocity to Adrian Toomes, a man who isn’t motivated by vengeance, but merely out of dedication to being a provider for his family.

His interaction with Spider-Man makes for some of the most suspenseful and exciting sequences between a hero and villain that the Marvel universe has seen, including one particular jaw-dropping moment that has smartly been kept out of the marketing thus far.

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