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Among the items expected to generate much interest and excitement is "a royal silk purse" embroidered by Queen Marie Antoinette while she was being held at the Temple Prison in 1792.The ivory coloured purse, which is embroidered with roses, includes a copy of the last letter written by the queen, to her sister-in-law, Madame Elisabeth, dated 16 October 1793.Tuesday, March 15 am– pm: Floral exhibits, luncheons and afternoon teas 10 am: Lecture by J.Keith White, Houston-based floral designer pm: Lecture by Reverend William Mc Millan, Belfast-based floral designer Wednesday, March 16 am– pm: Floral exhibits, luncheons and afternoon teas 10 am: Lecture by Shane Connolly, London-based floral designer pm: Flora Grubb and Susie Nadler, San Francisco floral designers 6–8 pm: The Fine Arts Museums members-only evening Thursday, March 17 am– pm: Floral exhibits, luncheons and afternoon teas 10 am: Lecture by Soho Sakai, East Bay floral designer pm: Lecture by Kate Berry, New York City-based floral designer Friday, March 18 am– pm: Floral exhibits Saturday, March 19 am– pm: Floral exhibits, benefit drawing Ticketing General admission allows access to all floral exhibits and special exhibition galleries. Advance general admission tickets may be purchased up to 24 hours prior to your visit either online or in person at the museum box office.Three years after the Count's death, he brought a complaint before a Paris judge to try to establish the reason for such a dramatic loss of inheritance.Henri d'Orléans explained at the time that he wished to "demand justice and put things back the way they should be".

Also up for auction is the quill used by King Louis Philippe to sign the act of abdication in 1848, and rosary beads belonging to his wife, Queen Marié-Amelie, with a much more affordable price tag of €300-€500.The artefacts, which will be auctioned at Christie's, are mostly from the Parisian apartment of the late Count and Countess of Paris, and are being sold by their nine children and one nephew in an attempt to replenish family funds depleted by their father.The late Count of Paris, a longtime Orleaniste pretender to the French throne, tarnished the royalist claim by running off with his mistress and dispersing the family fortune.The exhibition opens at the de Young on March 26, 2011.27 Years of has attracted over 560,000 visitors and raised over .74 million in net proceeds, which have been used to fund an impressive roster of special exhibitions, art acquisitions, educational programs and special projects at the Legion of Honor and the de Young Museum.Recent exhibitions supported by funds have made possible the acquisition of the Crown Point Press Archive, a rare Nimrud ivory from Mesopotamia dating from the 8–9th century B.

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