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You should ignore “once-a-day” claims on sunscreens because they can mislead you into thinking sunscreen doesn’t need to be regularly applied. Seven other products didn’t meet the SPF claimed on their label and when we asked for evidence we got a mixed response.

The distributors of Badger, Banana Boat and Natural Instinct provided us with test results from US labs showing their products had been tested on 10 human subjects and met their claimed SPF.

Snowberry hadn’t conducted testing on the Family sunscreen we tested.

Its claimed SPF was based on certified test results for a similar Snowberry product.

Oasis Sun Sensitive Skin Family Sunscreen SPF30 met its SPF claim but failed our broad-spectrum test.

It doesn’t claim to be broad-spectrum but how well a product protects you from UVA rays is just as important as its SPF.

Marketed as natural products, Pure Blend Sunscreen SPF15 and Pure South 100% Natural Sunscreen only provided low sun protection (SPF of 4 to 14) in our test.

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The Cancer Society and Sungard products claimed an SPF of 50 but the samples we sent to the lab had an SPF of 40 and 45, respectively.

Pure Blend said its product had not been tested on humans and couldn’t substantiate its SPF claim. Pure South provided a test report with one human test (the standard requires a 10-person test).

It has agreed to stop selling this product as a sunscreen and has removed the reference to raspberry oil’s SPF, which it could not substantiate.

A third product, Snowberry Family Sunscreen SPF30, had an SPF of 20 (moderate protection) and also failed one of the broad-spectrum requirements.

We sent our results to the companies and asked what evidence they had to support their claims.

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